Episode 5 – ThoughtWorkers in the Wild Life

“ThoughtWorkers in the Wilf Life”

This episode was recorded at the very last day of TWU 27 – so we were able to look back at an awesome 6 weeks of learning, working and having fun.



Episode 4 – A History of TWU

In this episode, I took the time to interview Sumeet Moghe who has seen a lot of TWU badges. We were talking about the history of TWU.

Unfortunately, the audio of this episode is a little bad, sorry for that. Thanks to auphobic for making it at least bearable.



Episode 3 – The Match between the Real and the Virtual World

“The virtual world – that’s the internet.”

In this episode we talk about on-site and remote customer interaction in Agile teams, beeing a TWU trainer and beeing TWU coachee,  computer creativity, indian male creativity and exaustion.



Episode 2 – Prakash

Prakash was not visible in this episode.



Episode 1 – We’re just getting started …

Our first podcast episode.


Lego Monster